Manage your remote desktop with AnyDesk

Access and controlAnyDesk's high-performance remote desktop software enables latency-free desktop sharing, stable remote control and fast, secure data transmission between devices.Administration and customisationAnyDesk's functionality is not fixed. Our highly flexible solution offers endless customisation options to suit the needs of any IT administrator.Security and PrivacySecurity is our priority. Discover AnyDesk's countless security features to meet your personal security needs.CollaborationWith AnyDesk's low latency, teamwork is now easier and faster than ever. Discover the best collaboration features for your projects. Price per user: i.e. per technician/connection initiator. Find all AnyDesk solutions here.

AnyDesk Performance

Fast and reliable. Full set of professional features.


Each user up to 3 host devices.

  • For teams
  • Annual subscription
  • Up to 3,000 unattended devices included
  • Wake-on-Lan
  • Session logging
  • Advanced security options
  • Customer support


AnyDesk Enterprise

Highest security standards. In the Cloud or On-Premises.


Your customised solution.

  • For teams
  • Annual subscription
  • Unlimited managed devices
  • Customisation and branding
  • Command line interface
  • MSI Deployment
  • Group Policies

AnyDesk Enterprise is available in Cloud and On-Premises versions. For the Cloud version, in Europe, the servers are based in Germany.

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