Designed for the professional environment, Clarisse was developed to organise and protect all unstructured data (letters, emails, Word, Excel, PDF, JPG files, etc.) efficiently. Much better than a simple tree-based filing system, Clarisse gives you THE control over your data.

QBS Software is a Clarisse distributor

An organisation solution like Clarisse is a single storage place, which centralises data and offers advanced functionalities to identify, organise and control unstructured data. And thus make sure to integrate it into your RGPD compliance process!

The added value offered by Clarisse, and its unique and differentiating design, are extremely useful to the DPO in the performance of his duties, in the service of his company.

Secure your entire documentary heritage

The management of all this information requires complete and total security. That is why Clarisse software encrypts and secures all documents as soon as they are deposited. Access to the data must be via the Clarisse system. This access is managed by an administrator, who gives each user a login. As the information in Clarisse is encrypted, people without access rights will retrieve data that cannot be used because it is not encrypted. Moreover, every user action (modifications, validations etc.) is logged and time-stamped in the Clarisse system. Consequently, it is possible to identify all the actions carried out for each document stored in Clarisse.

In summary, Clarisse secures data on several levels.

  • Clarisse centralises the data, which simplifies the backup policy but also the management of access rights.
  • All network exchanges between the user and the server are encrypted. The content of documents in transit cannot be hacked.
  • The data stored on Clarisse servers is also encrypted. Archived data remains confidential.
  • The sensitive fields of the database are also encrypted to ensure confidentiality across the board.
  • The digital fingerprint of each document is recorded. They cannot be falsified or altered.
  • Clarisse tracks all user actions. The version history of a document remains accessible, Clarisse always gives access to the most recent version.


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