ESET Gateway Server Security

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Make sure your front door to the Internet - your gateway - is locked by blocking cyber threats at the perimeter. Ideal for heavy network traffic.

ESET Gateway Security (ESETS) - the premier security system for Linux and FreeBSD. ESET's state-of-the-art scanning engine has unsurpassed scanning speed and detection rates combined with a very small footprint that makes it the ideal choice for any server on Linux and FreeBSD.

ESET Gateway Server Main Functionality:

  • Antivirus and Antispyware:Hypertext Transfer Protocol filter (HTTP):The HTTP filter module is an HTTP 1.1 compliant special proxy server used to scan communication between HTTP clients and HTTP
    servers for viruses. The module receives HTTP messages from an HTTP client (a web browser application or other proxy cache) and forwards them to the HTTP server (a web server application) and vice versa. The body of the message (if available) will be scanned for viruses by the esets http module.
  • File Transfer Protocol filter (FTP) : The FTP filter module is a special transparent proxy server that scans communication between an ftp client and an ftp server for viruses. The FTP gateway module is used to scan both incoming and outgoing data transfers. Depending on the scanning results, a transferred object will be cleaned, deleted or blocked.
  • SafeSquid filter:The SSFI module is a plugin accessing all objects processed by the SafeSquid Proxy cache. Once an object is accessed by the plugin, it will be scanned for infiltrations by the ESETS daemon. In the case of a positive detection, SSFI blocks the appropriate source and sends a predefined template page instead. 
  • Internet Content Adaptation Protocol filter (ICAP): The ICAP filter module is an ICAP 1.0 compliant special server that scans ICAP encapsulated HTTP messages from ICAP clients for viruses.

ESET Gateway Server Security - Features

Key Features:

  • Advanced engine algorithms: The ESET antivirus scanning engine algorithms provide the highest detection rate and the fastest scanning times.
  • Multi-processing: ESET Gateway Security is developed to run on single- as well as multi-processor units.
  • Advanced Heuristics: ESET Gateway Security includes unique advanced heuristics for Win32 worms, backdoor infections and other forms of malware. 
  • Speed and efficiency: To increase the speed and efficiency of the system, ESET Gateway Security's architecture is based on the running daemon (resident program) where all scanning requests are sent.
  • Enhanced security:All executive daemons (except esets dac) run under a non-privileged user account to enhance security.
  • Selective configuration:The system supports selective configuration based on the user or client/server.
  • Multiple logging levels:Multiple logging levels can be configured to get information about system activity and infiltrations.
  • Web interface:Configuration, administration and license management are offered through an intuitive and user-friendly web interface.
  • Remote administration:The system supports ESET Remote Administrator for management in large computer networks.
  • Low system requirements:To run efficiently, ESET Gateway Security requires just 250MB of hard-disk space and 256MB of RAM. It runs smoothly under the 2.6.x Linux OS kernel versions as well as under 5.x, 6.x FreeBSD OS kernel versions.
  • NEW:Support for ESET Remote Administrator 6.1 and later. Threat notifications enhancements. Removed support for Sun Solaris 10 and NetBSD 4. Ability to recognize "X-Forwarded-For" HTTP header when used by an another proxy. 

ESET Gateway Server Security - System Requirements

The following hardware requirements must be met before the installation process in order to run ESET Gateway Security properly:

  • 250MB of hard-disk space
  • 256MB of RAM
  • glibc 2.3.6 or later
  • 2.6.x and later Linux OS kernel versions
  • FreeBSD 9 x86 only