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A web-based digital asset management software for images, photos, videos and documents that helps workgroups and organisations quickly find and use digital media.

Extensis Portfolio is a digital asset management solution for organizations and workgroups of all sizes that are wrestling with an ever-growing volume of digital content. It is loaded with the features you need to create, organize, find, share and protect your assets.

Portfolio is a modular platform that features options to add or extend capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Predictive, Google-like Search: Find what you need in milliseconds. Enter a few search characters and Portfolio will automatically suggest a list of matching assets and display the results.
  • Asset Previews:Thumbnails and video snippets are automatically generated upon upload, giving you a visual way to search, preview and find the assets you're looking for fast.
  • Smart Galleries:Conditional searches in Portfolio can be saved as a Smart Gallery, so when assets are tagged with specific metadata, they are automatically added to the appropriate gallery.
  • User Management:With Portfolio, users can be granted access with controlled permissions to specific catalogs, giving them the ability to access the files available to them.
  • Drag & Drop Access: Conveniently drag and drop files between Portfolio and your folders, desktop and any supported application, such as Adobe® InDesign® and Microsoft PowerPoint®.
  • Convert On-The-Fly: Sometimes, a lower resolution or resised version is needed. Without submitting asset requests, conversions and unnecessary back-and-forth, users can convert and download what they need, when they need it.


Portfolio - Features

Portfolio Client Portfolio Server

Portfolio Client

Portfolio Client enables the organisation, accessing and sharing of digital files and includes metadata import and export, image format conversion and CD creation for cataloging, archiving and Web publishing.

New features in version 8 include:

Workflow features:

  • Fast Cataloging: Fast cataloging quickly adds files to your Portfolio catalog in the background, allowing you to start working with them instantly.
  • Digital Camera Auto-Rotation: Portfolio now automatically rotates thumbnails and previews from digital cameras that record the cameras orientation, streamlining photographers post-shoot workflow.
  • AutoSync Path Translation: For faster cataloging and imaging tasks as well as decreased network bandwidth requirements.
  • Workflow Tracking Out of the Box: Portfolios default catalog now has built-in fields for rating and labeling SmartGalleries for enhanced workflow tracking.
  • AutoSync Cataloging Presets: Enables auto-cataloging and keyword/metadata assignment simply by dropping the asset into a redefined folder.
  • FolderSync Presets: FolderSync lets you decide how you want it to work: Set a sync schedule or choose to autosync instead, and opt to "ignore" certain items when synchronizing, if desired.
  • HTML Help, Video Tutorials, Sample Catalogs: The answers are at your fingertips with Portfolios new searchable HTML-based help system. We even include new sample catalogs with pre-mapped custom fields and SmartGalleries for specific workflows - making it easier to customize Portfolio to your needs.

Web sharing

  • NetPublish Galleries: Enables users to publish a catalog subset to the Web rather than an entire catalog.
  • NetPublish Logging: Allows NetPublish administrators to track activity on their Portfolio-powered website. Downloadable logs keep track of important site statistics.

Asset organization

  • Full Custom Sort: Portfolio now enables users to drag and drop, reorder or sort items in galleries, SmartGalleries and disk folders. This information is retained separately for each user in a workgroup environment.
  • Scratchpad Galleries: Scratchpad galleries are temporary baskets used for sorting, editing and merging files from multiple galleries or searches into a single gallery. These can be used for printing, collecting or publishing.
  • Enhanced Item Properties: The properties dialog is now the one-stop location to find and edit any metadata. The most common information needed (such as file type, resolution and file size) has been consolidated to the first tab for faster viewing.

File sharing and distribution

  • Public/Private Galleries, Read-Only Galleries: Creating a private gallery makes your galleries quickly accessible and only viewable to you, the creator. Now you can lock a gallery to prevent unauthorized edits.
  • Leverage Previews: Portfolios ability to use Screen Previews rather than the original files makes the process of finding and sharing your files even those that are offline much faster.

Integration with other applications

  • Improved File Format Support for MS Office (coming soon), DNG, RAW, Quark and Pro Video: Preview, index text and read metadata from the formats you use most, including: Microsoft Word and Excel files in Windows, full-screen previews from Adobe DNG RAW files, added support for current RAW files, and thum

    Portfolio - System Requirements

    Mac OS X:

    • Mac OS X 10.2 - 10.3.3
    • Power Mac G3, G4, G5 or Xserve
    • 256 MB of RAM
    • 50 MB of available hard disk space.

    Microsoft Windows:

    • Microsoft Windows 2000 with SP 2, 2000 Server, Server 2003 or XP Professional
    • Pentium III or faster processor
    • 256 MB of RAM
    • 50 MB of available hard disk space.