Suitcase Fusion

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Suitcase Fusion is the industrial-strength font management application for all creative professionals.

Suitcase Fusion is a font management tool that includes a full set of professional font auto-activation plug-ins, customizable font previews, centralized and easy access to all of your fonts, automatic font corruption checking, and much more.

Key Features:

  • NEW: Suitcase Fusion for iOS: The Suitcase Fusion bundle now includes an app that syncs your font collection to your iOS devices.
  • NEW: Cloud-connected with TypeSync: Never worry about losing fonts, or transferring them from one machine to another. Save your entire font collection in the cloud, with the Extensis TypeSync cloud service.
  • NEW: Adobe After Effects font auto-activation: This NEW first-in-class plug-in embeds Font Sense metadata into your projects, ensuring that youll never need to go digging deep into your project to locate and replace missing fonts again.
  • NEW: Auto-activate fonts in professional design applications: With auto-activation plug-ins, missing fonts are no longer a problem. Work with confidence that the precise fonts required are automatically activated when needed.
  • Creating a Brand Style Guide: Nail your next branding project with our webcast and branding resources. Effective font management and digital asset management are critical to any brand, so we worked in partnership with consultant, trainer, speaker,
  • and author Pariah Burke to deliver deep insights and useful downloable resources.
  • Your fonts managed well with Suitcase Fusion: Let Suitcase Fusion remove your font woes and keep you focused on more important tasks.
  • Works with your setup: Whatever digital tools you use, Suitcase Fusion is developed and tested to support your professional workflow. Adobe Creative Cloud and QuarkXPress, we have you covered.


Suitcase Fusion - Features

Suitcase X1 for Mac Suitcase Server Suitcase Fusion

Suitcase X1 for Mac

Suitcase X1 is a professional-level font management solution for Mac OS X and includes automated features for activating organising and previewing fonts. View fonts in all Mac OS X font directories and activate or deactivate fonts for Cocoa and Carbon applications. Suitcase supports Apple dfont and Microsoft Windows formats.

Features include:

  • Font Preview Options: preview fonts in several different ways without activating them including the ability to enter custom text or preview multiple fonts simultaneously
  • Multiple Font Activation Options: including the ability to activate fonts directly from the Preview Pane
  • Auto-Activate Fonts: global auto-activation for popular Mac OS X applications and auto-activation plug-ins for Adobe applications and QuarkXPress
  • QuickFind: find fonts based on name, style or keyword or use the customisable Find command to locate a font based on more specific criteria. Organise fonts using the built-in style list or add custom keywords to scan for font styles as new fonts are added to a database
  • Corrupt Font Detection and Repair: scan fonts for corruptions and repair the font. A warning is provided when adding the font if repair is not possible
  • Duplicate Font Resolution: detects, reports and removes duplicate fonts in the database
  • Activate Fonts on Demand: fonts that are activated on demand are added and activated temporarily with automatic font conflict resolution
  • Lemke Soft FontBook Utility: create an overview of all fonts and print sample pages in twenty four pre-defined layout pages including reference cards, font sizes and ASCII tables
  • MorrisonSoft Design FontDoctor Utility: font problem diagnosis, repair and organisation
  • Connect with Suitcase Server: provides efficient font management for workgroups.

Suitcase Server

Suitcase Server provides the ability to share fonts with automatic synchronisation that enables workgroups to access the same sets of fonts and to control which fonts are downloaded or subscribed to.

New Feature in version X1:

  • A series of permissions that administrators can set on an individual-user basis to control specific client features including the ability to remove non-approved fonts and save the results of searches and the authority to override system fonts on local machines.

Features include:

  • Five Suitcase Clients: includes five Suitcase clients. Suitcase Server is compatible with Mac OS X Server; each Suitcase Client is also Mac OS X compatible. The Suitcase client can access Suitcase Server through the local network or across the Internet
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: synchronise fonts for Macintosh and Windows users including Mac OS X. It uses 10 MB of RAM and can be installed in five minutes. Administering fonts requires a Macintosh to run the Mac-only server administration application
  • Control Font Downloads: view the font sets available on the Suitcase Server and subscribe to the fonts that are needed to reduce network traffic and free hard disk space on local computers
  • Job Font Folders: create Suitcase Server font sets based on the folders that contain fonts and files. Fonts are stored in Job folders making it easier to find and distribute fonts in logical pre-defined folders
  • Automatic Updating: manage fonts with a minimum of disruption. Fonts and other files can be distributed

    Suitcase Fusion - System Requirements


    • Power Mac or compatible
    • Mac OS X 10.2.6
    • 128 MB RAM
    • 30 MB available hard drive space
    • QuarkXPress 4.0.3 or higher required for Suitcase XT
    • Adobe Illustrator 8 - 10 required for Illustrator Auto-Activation Plug-in
    • Adobe InDesign 2.0 or higher and Mac OS X 10.2.6 or higher required for the Suitcase Auto-Activation Plug-In for Adobe InDesign.

    Microsoft Windows:

    • Microsoft Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000 or XP
    • Pentium II or higher
    • 128 MB RAM
    • 8 MB available hard drive space
    • ATM 4.1 Light or higher required for rendering PostScript fonts on Microsoft Windows 98, SE and ME.