Automate UI testing for all applications

Automated UI testing that covers all aspects of your project, from cloud computing to packaged applications. TestComplete has an intelligent object repository and supports over 500 controls. So you can ensure that your GUI tests are scalable, robust and easy to maintain. More automated quality means more overall quality.

Desktop testing

Automate UI testing on a wide range of desktop applications, including .Net, Java, WPF and Windows 10.

Web-based testing

Create reusable tests for all web applications, including modern JavaScript frameworks such as React and Angular, on over 2050 browser and platform configurations.

Mobile testing

Create and automate functional UI tests on physical and virtual iOS and Android devices. From 1 April 2022, TestComplete will move to annual subscription pricing.

All licenses include 1 year of maintenance.

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  • Automated UI Testing: Use no-script record and playback or keyword-based testing to easily create automated UI tests. Record your tests once and play them back on a wide range of desktop, web and mobile applications.
  • UI Object Recognition: Save time creating and maintaining tests by accurately identifying dynamic UI elements with property-based visual recognition and AI. Manage objects in a single repository and configure it locally or to share as needed.
  • Data-driven testing: separate data from test commands to ease maintenance efforts. Run automated desktop, web or mobile UI tests with different input data sets to increase coverage.
  • Test reporting and analysis: Get real-time information about the progress and status of your desktop, web or mobile UI tests from a single interface. Easily connect to popular defect tracking tools, such as Jira and Bugzilla, for instant feedback and continuous learning.
  • Keyword-driven testing: Easily separate test steps, objects, actions and data with an integrated keyword-driven testing framework. Ensure that every team member can contribute to test automation. Create automated functional UI tests without any programming language. Handle complex scenarios such as handling unwanted windows or accessing database information with simple point-and-click actions.
  • Free training and support: making sure you succeed with TestComplete is our top priority. From the initial deployment of the tool to day-to-day support, our responsive team is always there to help.
  • Automated functional test reuse: Reuse your automated UI tests across multiple projects and environments to extend test coverage, save time and reduce costs.
  • Intelligent quality add-on: Test the most dynamic and complex on-screen application components or validate information embedded in images, graphics, databases and PDFs. Compared to other technologies, our AI-powered visual recognition is more accurate, enabling UI test automation engineers to detect and test application components that were previously unrecognisable.
  • Continuous Testing for Dev Ops: Integrate TestComplete into your DevOps ecosystem to accelerate continuous testing. With a command line interface