AdminStudio 2022 is Here!

Jun 1, 2022 | Blog

We are excited to announce the general availability of AdminStudio 2022. In this major new release, you’ll find the following feature updates are now available:

Fixups in MSIX Editor

It is not uncommon to require PSF (Package Support Framework) fixups to facilitate a successful MSIX delivery. Flexera has now introduced a simple and intuitive user interface to help you easily apply Package Support Framework fixups to resolve common runtime errors within an MSIX package. In addition to still being to bring your own Custom Fixup, they have added specialized support for the File Redirection Fixup and the PowerShell Script Fixup within our MSIX Editor.

Add/Edit Applications in MSIX Editor

To get this powerful MSIX editor out more quickly, you may have noticed some of the application properties have not been editable. In AdminStudio 2022, we have unlocked the ability to edit the Applications of an MSIX package. To oversimplify, you might think of Applications as shortcuts (entry points) for your MSIX package. Customer feedback confirmed this was among the most edited aspects of an MSIX package, so we’ve prioritized it accordingly.

The Applications view in the MSIX Editor displays the applications and its properties of an MSIX package. The Applications view has been enhanced to enable you to edit any property of an existing application in an MSIX package, or to add a new application as desired.

Automation of Commercial and LOB (line of business) Packages

The Package Automation feature is enhanced to help you improve your automation coverage of applications by automating in-house, LOB, and commercial applications. With this new “Monitored Directory” feature, AdminStudio can monitor a specified directory to automatically process new installers. When a new version of a package is dropped in the monitored directory, AdminStudio will pick up the new package to take it through the pre-configured automation actions (import, test, wrap, convert and publish). Scans for new installers being added to the monitored directory may be scheduled to run on the desired frequency.

Now you can automate 100% of your managed applications, no matter where they come from!

Improved integration with VMware Workspace ONE UEM

AdminStudio enables you to publish applications from the AdminStudio catalog directly to the VMware Workspace ONE UEM for end-point deployments. Initial support was added long ago before Workspace ONE had matured to its current level. Flexera has gone back and enhanced this integration to support the publishing of MSI and EXE package types along with many of the deployment properties supported by Workspace ONE.

Support for Microsoft ConfigMgr 2203

Flexera’s goal to keep AdminStudio up with the new versions of the Microsoft ConfigMgr remains solid. Publish applications from AdminStudio 2022 to the newest version of the ConfigMgr 2203.

And there’s more!

As a mature product supporting a wide range of capabilities, some of the frameworks and components included were old or had reached end-of-life status. In this release, significant work was done to update such to improve the security of the solution significantly. Additional minor enhancements and bug fixes have also been included in this release, to see the full release notes, please click here.



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See you soon!