Elephants May Never Forget Their Passwords, But People Need Keeper Security

Jul 27, 2023 | Blog

A new Keeper Security survey found one in four users describing themselves either as ostriches burying their heads in the sand, careless as bulls in a china shop or like possums paralysed with fear when it comes to password management.

Elephants famously may have long memories – but most people can easily forget their passwords. Which is why of course solutions like Password ManagerSecrets Manager and Connection Manager from Keeper Security are so useful.

Along with creating and storing strong and unique passwords for all digital accounts, Keeper Security’s Password Manager helps fight off phishing attacks and the tendency to click on malicious links, because it will not fill credentials if the URL doesn’t match what’s in the user’s vault.

Password Manager can also be paired with dark web monitoring so users can stay abreast of all account information, acting right away when credentials are compromised.

And Keeper Security solutions go beyond making life easier for the end user by easing onerous digital account, identities, secrets and privileges management for organisations, from SMB to enterprise and regardless of vertical.


Findings highlight where the channel can help


The Keeper Security report, fielding responses from 8000 users across the US, UK, France and Germany, proves there’s still a huge opportunity for security resellers to help organisations not only better protect themselves but develop comfort with better cybersecurity practices as well.

    • 30% of people use simple passwords, with 34% reusing or simply varying the same passwords
    • 39% were unaware of breaches, with 32% not knowing if their passwords are available on the dark web
    • 64% aren’t confident they’re managing their passwords well
    • 41% say cybersecurity is too difficult to understand.

Read more findings here.

Keeper Security has been GigaOm‘s overall Radar leader in password management for two years running. With affordable, easy-to-use zero-trust and zero-knowledge security users, partners can deploy next-generation privileged access management (PAM) in minutes and seamlessly integrate with any tech stack.

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(Photo by Alex Azabache on Unsplash)