JetBrains Academy Extends Developer Education Opportunities Within Organisations

Feb 22, 2022 | Blog, Events

JetBrains has expanded the availability of products and opportunities to learn and teach programming with JetBrains Academy, including in its new version specifically for organisations.

As JetBrains’ Anastasia Khramushina explains, JetBrains Academy for Organizations — first introduced in mid-2021 — goes beyond hands-on learning experiences that can be applied in daily programming work or studies.

“We also focused on improving the platform administrative functionality. Now you can manage your team and see how effectively your team members are learning from one place,” Khramushina explains.

Training in-house developer teams has never been easier with JetBrains Academy for Organizations — enabling team members to learn programming from scratch or improving existing skillsets, all within a management-friendly platform.

New features include the ability to add new members to a team (and remove existing ones) and connect the corporate domain with a single sign-on, while benefiting from full visibility of team progress and achievements on the overview dashboards.

A new dedicated Organization page streamlines management of team member accounts and keeps managers up to date at a glance. “We’ve already made it easy for teams that use corporate Google accounts to log in,” she says. “But now we’ve gone further.”

In addition, three dashboards help managers follow learner progress and review the metrics on skill development — Members’ subscription status, Members’ activity and Total statistics on problems, topics, projects, and tracks.

How JetBrains Academy benefits entire teams

The growing benefits of JetBrains Academy aren’t only for managers. JetBrains is continuously improving its platform and adding learning content and functionality for learners.

Recent months have seen Go added to the array of programming languages on offer as well as mathematics and machine learning — expanding study options. Certificates of completion are now available as team members complete their study track and are ready to showcase their new skills.

“We’ve also released several new and more specialised tracks that can help teams develop a new skill, like shell scripting, keep up with language technologies, like Django or Flask frameworks, or elevate knowledge in specific areas of development, like backend or desktop applications,” Khramushina says.


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