All Products Pack

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The complete development toolkit

Access to all JetBrains desktop tools, including 10 IDEs, 3 extensions and 2 profilers


10 IDEs

CLion: intelligent cross-platform IDE for C and C++

DataGrip: several databases, one tool

DataSpell: the IDE for data science professionals

GoLand: powerful, ergonomic Go IDE

IntelliJIDEA: the leading IDE for Jave and Kotlin

PhpStorm: the intelligent PHP IDE

PyCharm: Python IDE for professional developers

Rider: cross-platform .NET IDE

RubyMine: the most intelligent Ruby IDE

WebStorm: the most intelligent JavaScript IDE


3 Extensions et 2 Profilers

ReSharper: Visual Studio extension for .NET developers

ReSharper C++: Visual Studio extension for C++ developers

dotCover: .NET unit tester and code coverage tool

dotMemory: .NET memory profiler

dotTrace: .NET performance profiler




Excellent value for money

10 IDEs for the price of 2.


Use different tools for different projects on different machines, where and when you need them. Switch easily from one tool to another with the All Products Pack licence.

Simple licence management

A single licence including all JetBrains desktop tools. Unlimited access to all these tools.

Extend your skills

Improve your programming skills with the best professional tools.



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