App Automate

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The most reliable infrastructure for test automation

App Automate provides continuous testing of mobile applications on real devices. It integrates seamlessly into any CI/CD pipeline, running thousands of tests simultaneously on a cloud infrastructure of over 2,000 real devices.

Teams rely on App Automate to scale testing to deliver quality mobile apps without slowing release cycles. Always ship with the confidence that your mobile apps are fully tested and working for every customer.

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Replicate real-world conditions

Each test runs remotely on physical devices, ensuring that your test results are 100% accurate. App Automate provides a truly native testing environment, ideal for testing user flows based on device functionality, including GPS and IP geolocation, push notifications, in-app purchases, network connectivity, battery, SMS, camera and more.

Streamline workflows with integrations

You can easily run tests on App Automate using Appium, Espresso, XCUITest or EarlGrey. App Automate integrates seamlessly into existing workflows with native integrations for bug tracking (Jira, Trello, GitHub, Slack), build uploads (Gradle, fastlane) and CI/CD pipelines (Jenkins, Travis CI, TeamCity, Bamboo, Circle CI).