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The most reliable infrastructure for test automation

Scale your testing with a cloud infrastructure that allows you to run thousands of tests on different browsers in parallel. Ship web applications and sites with confidence, knowing that critical scenarios are fully tested and working for every client. Use Automate to easily validate code quality, detect pre-release high-risk bugs, and accelerate time to market.

BrowserStack Automate is available in two versions:

Automate Pro: Selenium tests on a computer
Automate Mobile: Selenium tests on computer & mobile

Everything on Automate is ready to use and requires no configuration or maintenance. Learn more about Automate at:

Test on real devices, without spending a fortune

While testing on physical devices is expensive and high maintenance, the alternative gives inaccurate results. Our global network of data centres replaces your in-house device labs with the Real Device Cloud, a mobile infrastructure with thousands of popular devices available on demand 24/7. All mobile testing on Automate runs on physical devices, ensuring 100% accuracy of test results.

Debug and Fix Instantly

Quickly identify, reproduce and fix problems in your applications and websites. Find the root cause of any error with comprehensive debugging tools. Automation makes it easy to check aspects of software quality such as usability, functionality and performance. Use our native integrations to classify bugs across teams on Jira and Trello without switching tools.