Azul Platform Prime

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Azul Platform Prime is a truly superior Java platform that can cut your infrastructure costs in half. It turbocharges the performance and scalability of your Java ecosystem with a hyper-optimised runtime that maximises performance while driving down infrastructure costs.

From big data to payment processing, the demand of today’s advanced applications creates untenable infrastructure costs for the enterprise. Azul Platform Prime transforms the economics of deploying these applications in the cloud, driving down costs and enabling competitive advantage.



#1 Java runtime

Java TCK compliant. A “drop-in replacement,” customers attest. You don’t need to recompile your code.


Faster warmup

Azul Platform Prime’s built-in ReadyNow! technology accelerates Java warm-up times and gets you going faster.


Faster code

The most scalable JVM on the market, Azul Platform Prime delivers improved real-time JVM optimisation with a better LLVM-based JIT compiler.


Faster JVM performance

With Azul Platform Prime’s C4 Collector, you can run two to five times more transactions through your infrastructure—without pauses, jitters, or timeouts.


Right-size resources

Offload JIT compilation with the Cloud Native Compiler to enhance the performance of Java applications in any compute environment.



Download the report to learn how Azul Platform Prime achieves 224% ROI and drives down operating costs as much as 50%.