Protect your organization’s data from accidental deletion and malicious users while enabling mass restoration in the event of a cyber attack


First-party solutions to back up your data such as Google Vault and Exchange Online Archive are available. But these native solutions can’t sufficiently protect your organization’s data.

Third-party tools are also available but they require manual policy maintenance and typically lock you into their solution. This makes it difficult to control which provider to use, restricting your freedom to choose where to store your data.

CloudM Backup provides the protection your organization needs, while helping you automate the process and  take control of your data.

Key features

  • Improve your organization's data resilience by protecting against accidental or malicious data deletion.
  • Enable your organization to restore data quickly and easily in the event of a cyber attack
  • Take control of your data by hosting backups in your own infrastructure
  • Automate manual assignment of backup policies


Backup of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace data in up to 20-minute intervals for Mail and 60-minute internals for Drive. Each incremental backup moves only the data that’s changed, allowing for shorter times between updates so restoration is available for the most up-to-date versions.


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