Exinda Network Orchestrator

QBS Software is an authorized distributor of Exinda Network Orchestrator

This software was designed from the ground up to help Network Managers meet the growing expectations of users for network and application performance.
Unlike traditional WAN solutions that deal with application performance in silos, Exinda takes an integrated approach offering application diagnostics, shaping and acceleration in a single, easy-to-use suite.


GFI Software acquired Exinda in April 2017, adding Exinda Network Orchestrator to its product portfolio. This is an advanced bandwidth manager acting directly on the application layer with the following key benefits:

  • Real-time application consumption
  • Identification of network congestion
  • Bandwidth allocation by application, user and device

The analysis is real-time and interactive per user, per application and per device. You can prioritize some traffic over others thanks to a real application layer detection engine. Exinda Network Orchestrator can detect any traffic on any service: it can tell you what type of applications this traffic belongs to. For example, it can detect whether it is Skype, Skype for business, torrent traffic, Office 365 traffic, web traffic, VPN traffic, etc. This allows you to have granularity within the bandwidth management policies that you can put in place. You can view and analyse detailed and comprehensive reports.

Exinda Network Orchestrator also has an engine that allows you to preview network congestion. This is very interesting for network administrators who can get the potential estimate of future bandwidth consumption. Exinda is a complete bandwidth manager. Since the acquisition by gfi-software, efforts are being made to create a real synergy between Exinda and Kerio Control so that the two software packages can communicate with each other and bring you new features.

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Real-time monitoring
Monitor the status of your network in real time. Gain insight into the performance of your business critical applications and the amount of bandwidth consumed by all users, applications, locations and devices on the network.

Interactive analytics
Analyse and inspect application traffic at Layer 7 to resolve problems as they arise. Model and interact with data to better understand the state of your network. Intuitive dashboards help network managers visualise network activity across all users, applications, devices and locations.

Pre-built reports
Take advantage of a comprehensive library of reports designed to address the most important issues facing network managers. View a catalogue of reports for WAN planning, application performance, network governance and critical IT projects.

Rules-based formatting
Define priorities, how and when users, applications and websites can use bandwidth on your network. Integration with Active Directory allows you to control bandwidth usage based on network location, users and service groups.

Application Acceleration
Ensure that your key business applications always deliver the expected user experience, whether they are on-premises or in the cloud. Exinda's acceleration and caching capabilities ensure optimal performance for business applications.

Predictive recommendations
Discover business problems before they happen using Exinda's patent-pending Recommendation Engine. Exinda studies network trends and automatically suggests solutions to solve problems and improve network performance.