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Manage your WAN for better application performance.
Manage network experience and application quality while incorporating failover protection.

Manage your WAN traffic and applications

Exinda SD-WAN can prioritize network traffic for hundreds of applications based on the rules you define. Connect your offices with the outside world by leveraging all available WAN links. SD-WAN allows you to reduce costs, increase application performance, and automatically failover in the event of a problem on your WAN.

  • Define your multi-element WAN
  • Add bandwidth easily
  • Complete with Exinda Network Orchestrator

Software subscriptions must be purchased separately. Contact us for 2 or 3 year subscriptions.

Complete with Exinda Network Orchestrator
The combination of Exinda SD-WAN with Exinda Network Orchestrator offers many additional benefits. Beyond the security and QoS management offerings of Exinda SD-WAN, Exinda Network Orchestrator provides increased application visibility, additional bandwidth management and control, and the ability to accelerate applications for better performance.

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