GFI Unlimited

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A single subscription to a library of network monitoring and enterprise communication software

Products included* :
-GFI LanGuard
-GFI EventsManager
-GFI Archiver
-GFI EndPointSecurity
-Kerio Connect
-GFI Help Desk
-GFI FaxMaker
-Kerio Control
-GFI MailEssentials
-Kerio Operator


The GFI Unlimited Hardware Appliance solution includes the Kerio Control Boxes, available separately here. EndPointSecurity, EventsManager and Kerio Operator solutions are in late engineering* but will still be available in GFI Unlimited.

*No new releases, minor releases or patches for affected products.

GFI Unlimited

GFI has launched GFI Unlimited, a subscription that provides access to 10 products including Kerio's 3 legacy products: Kerio Control, Connect and Operator.

Kerio Control and Operator hardware appliances must be purchased separately. The subscription is based on the number of users and is available from 10 users. It gives access to all the software and the technical support that goes with it. Each subscription gives the user access to the number of licences purchased for each product. The user benefits from a single, very advantageous price per year and per licence, starting at 56.60 excluding VAT.
Of course, users have access to all the free updates of the 12 software products during the term of their contract.

Benefits for reseller partners

This Unlimited offer has many advantages for software resellers: it guarantees you a source of recurring revenue because the vast majority of users renew their subscription from one year to the next, unlike maintenance offers which were previously offered but not systematically adopted by users; it also allows you to present a competitive, scalable and adjustable offer to your customers; and as IT professionals, you will be able to build loyalty among your customers, who will undoubtedly be seduced by the many features offered by these 10 software packages at an extremely modest cost. And for both you and your customers, 10 software packages in one, means much simpler management of your licences. For customers, the advantages are no less numerous:

  • A single subscription gives access to a complete catalogue of software
  • The savings compared to purchasing individual licences is substantial
  • They have access to all their software via a single portal (

The full range of GFI software is available on this site.