Impact by Instructure

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Impact by Instructure (formerly Eesysoft) helps institutions improve technology adoption and assess the impact of educational technologies, while helping faculty and students seamlessly navigate new platforms.

Targeted communication
Drive action with in-app messaging - Driving technology adoption begins with educators' awareness of the tools available to them and how these tools can help them improve learning and teaching. Reach out to students and faculty with targeted online messaging to communicate with your users and guide them through their tasks.

Platform overview
Measure the impact of technology - Institutions spend a lot of effort on training, communication, instructional design and support, but often struggle to understand quantitatively their effect on technology use. Impact's dynamic dashboards and reports provide a comprehensive view of how students and faculty are using the educational tools available.

Live support
Assist your users, lighten your help desk - When teachers and students have questions or need help, they need answers in the context of their actions and in the moment. Provide ready-to-use self-help content and easy access to support channels, so that students and teachers can focus more on teaching and learning, and less on mastering technology.

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