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Multi-platform development product enabling installation on cross-platform desktop and server applications including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX and the IBM iSeries.

InstallAnywhere is a multiplatform development solution for application producers who need to deliver a professional and consistent cross installation experience for physical, virtual and cloud environments. From a single project file and build environment, InstallAnywhere creates reliable installations for on-premises platformsWindows, Linux, Apple OS X, Solaris, AIX , HP-UX and IBM iSeries and enables you to take existing and new software products to a virtual and cloud infrastructure.

InstallAnywhere is available in the following editions:

  • InstallAnywhere Premier Edition
  • InstallAnywhere Professional Edition
  • Premier with Virtualisation and Cloud


InstallAnywhere - Features

Current Features:

  • Multiplatform Installations: Save time by creating a single installation project to build installations for each of the platforms you support.
  • Enterprise-Ready Virtual Appliances: Build faster and easier by creating virtual appliances directly from existing virtual machines, includes support for building 64-bit virtual appliances.
  • Multi-Tier Virtual Appliances: Simplify evaluations and production deployments of multi-tier applications by bundling several virtual machines into a single enterprise-ready virtual appliance.
  • Cloud-Ready Virtual Appliances: Reuse existing installation project information to simplify the process of creating Amazon Machine Images. These images can be shared with customers or deployed directly to Amazon EC2 to facilitate cloud migrations.
  • Support For The Latest Platform: Support for the latest platforms, including: Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2, Apple OS X Mountain Lion (10.8), Apple OS X Mavericks’ (10.9), SUSE Linux 11.3, Ubuntu 12.04, Solaris 11 Sparc, HP-UX 11i, AIX 7.1, IBM i5/OS, Z/OS, RHEL 6 and Fedora 16
  • Pure 64-Bit Installations: Support Windows Server Core in the modern data center by creating pure 64-bit installations for Windows Servers that have disabled the 32-bit subsystem (WoW64).
  • Java 7 Support for Apple OS X: Supports using Oracle Java 7 on Apple OS X.
  • Efficient User Interface: Updated user interface that includes improved performance, more intuitive navigation, and consolidated views with inline help.
  • Support Platform Specific Installations Requirements: Read and set system environment variables, create aliases, shortcuts and links, execute platform-specific executables and shell commands.
  • Silent, Console and GUI Installations: Support for a wide range of deployment scenarios.
  • Merge Modules: Enable you to reuse shared code for importing dialog panels and installation actions into a master project.
  • Code Signing: Ensure installations run on Apple OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) by digitally signing installations to support Gatekeeper.
  • Software Identification Tagging: Create ISO 19770-2 software identification tags as part of the installation development process to support customer compliance and licence management discussions.
  • Multilingual Runtime Support: Present installation text in up to 31 different languages for localising installations.
  • Localised Installation Designer: InstallAnywhere development tools are available in both English and Japanese language editions.
  • Automation Interface: Support continuous integration practices and reduce manual editing by leveraging automation scripts to edit, build, and test installations via Java APIs.
  • InstallAnywhere Collaboration: Integrate installation development into agile development processes for your distributed, collaborative team. Enable developers, technical writers and other contributors to create and manage their own sections of the installation.
  • InstallAnywhere Standalone Build: Support continuous integration practices by building InstallAnywhere projects on a separate clean build system.


InstallAnywhere - System Requirements

System Requirements

  • RAM: 256 MB free; 512 MB preferred
  • Colour: High Colour (16-bit colour depth)
  • Resolution: Minimum 1200 x 800 resolution

Operating System

  • Windows: Windows 8.1 (x86 and x64), Windows Server 2012 R2 (x64), Windows 8 (x86 and x64), Windows Server 2012 (x64), Windows 7 (x86 and x64), Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64), Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 (x86 and x64)
  • Macintosh: OS X Mavericks (10.9.2) with Oracle Java 7 or 8, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) withOracleJava 7 or 8, OS X Lion (10.7.3) with Oracle 7
  • Linux: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 (desktop and server editions; x64), Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 (desktop and server editions; x86 and x64), Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6 (x86 and x64), SUSE Linux 10 (x86), OpenSUSE Linux 11.2, 11.3, 11.4, 12.1, 12.2, and 12.3 (x86 and x64), SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP2 (x64), Linux PPC 64-bit (build time only) only with Java 6, Ubuntu 14.04 (x64), Ubuntu 13.04 (desktop and server editions; x86 and x64), Ubuntu 10.10, 11.10, and 12.04 (x86 and x64), Fedora 18 and 19 (desktop and server editions; x86 and x64), Fedora 14, 15, 16, and 17
  • Solaris: Solaris 9, 10 and 11 (SPARC)