Revenera InstallShield

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Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) and InstallScript installations and App-V virtual packages for Microsoft Windows platforms authoring tool including support for Microsoft Windows 7.

Flexeras InstallShield is a strategic installation development solution designed to enable development teams to be more agile, collaborative and flexible when building reliable InstallScript and Windows Installer (MSI) installations for desktop, server, web and mobile applications.

InstallShield benefits:

  • Simplify using multi-tier templates to deploy your Web/Server applications as a single cloud-ready package.
  • Streamline configuration by automating installing Windows roles and features and running PowerShell scripts.
  • Create pure 64-bit installations that use 64-bit custom actions.
  • Build both physical installations and virtual application packages from the same build process and ensure compatibility with preferred enterprise application virtualisation technologies, includes new Microsoft App-V 5.0 support.
  • Optimise installers for Windows 8 using new Wizard design capabilities, new Start Screen icon pinning options, and new validation tests.
  • Supports Microsoft Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 and Visual Studio 2012.
  • Enables hybrid cloud deployments with Microsoft SQL Azure database scripting capabilities.
  • Automatically checks and downloads updates and patches at run-time.
  • Enables the enterprise transformation with support for Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager and PowerShell.
  • Provides deep insight to the install base by connecting you to customers with an automated update and patch solution.

InstallShield is available in the following editions:

  • InstallShield Express Edition: Enables software developers and setup authors to create reliable Windows Installer (MSI) installations. It comes with an Project Assistant which is a wizard that guides developers through the MSI installation creating process, step-by-step.
  • InstallShield Professional Edition: Ideal for both novice and seasoned software installation developers and has all the functionality of the Express Edition and installation customisation, support for 64-bit installations, InstallScript custom actions for MSI projects, support for .NET Framework 4.0, IIS 7.0, Windows Server 2008 R2, Direct X 9.0c and Windows Mobile platforms, Windows 7 installation support, one free Standalone Build licence. A Virtualisation Pack is available as an option to support the building of Microsoft App-V virtual packages.
  • InstallShield Premier Edition: All the capabilities of the Professional Edition and Best Practices Validation Suite alert, InstallShield Repackager, multi-lingual support, network repositories, trial versions creation, five free Standalone Build licences and Build Events. InstallShield Premier Edition is available with a node-locked or concurrent licence. A Virtualisation Pack is available as an option to support the building of Microsoft App-V virtual packages.


InstallShield - Features

Current Features:

InstallShield Express Edition Features:

  • Support for Microsoft Technologies: Support for Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 and Visual Studio 2012.
  • ISO 19770-2: Creates ISO 19770-2 software identification tags as part of the installation development process.
  • Software Developers and Setup Authors: Cost-effective solution for creating reliable Windows Installer (MSI) installations.
  • Available in Different Languages: Offer developers the flexibility to build in their own language.

InstallShield Professional Edition Features: includes all of the above and the following:

  • Windows 7 & 8 Validation Testing: Validate installations against Windows 7, 8, and Windows Server 2012 best practices from Microsoft.
  • Advanced UI Designer: Create contemporary install experiences using new Wizard design capabilities.
  • Create Pure 64-bit Installations: Deploy your 64-bit applications using 64-bit installations that support server configurations where WoW64 has been disabled.
  • Deploy to Hybrid Cloud Databases: Windows Azure SQL Database scripting capabilities enable hybrid cloud SQL deployments.
  • Provide Deployment Metadata: Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager support enables software producers to provide required deployment metadata to their Enterprise customers, reducing the burden in managing their application.
  • Latest Updates and Patches: At installer runtime, and if an update is found, it will automatically be downloaded and run in place of the old installer.
  • Streamline Installation Scripting: PowerShell support offers software producers the ability to streamline installation scripting requirements and support best practices of their Enterprise customers.
  • Maintain a Clean Build System: Each licence of InstallShield Professional Edition includes one free Standalone Build license.
  • Reduce Development Time: Quickly and easily build your installations by moving pieces of an existing project (dialogs, custom actions, or features) to another installation project; create and manage re-usable project outlines so you don't have to start your installations from scratch.
  • Customise Your Installations with InstallScript: Add InstallScript custom actions to your MSI projects or create InstallScript projects that control your entire installation.

InstallShield Premier Edition Features: includes all of the above and the following:

  • Use Multi-tier Installation Templates: Deploy web/server applications as a single cloud-ready package.
  • Automate Installing Windows Roles and Features: Avoid the risk of manual tasks by automatically installing Windows roles and features with an application's installation.
  • Run PowerShell Scripts from Suite / Advanced UI installations: Streamline server configuration tasks by running PowerShell scripts - the enterprise scripting language of choice.
  • Create Microsoft App-V Installations: Build both physical and virtual application packages from the same build process.
  • Virtualisation Suitability Testing: Ensure applications are compatible with enterprise application virtualization technologies, such as Microsoft App-V, VMware ThinApp and Citrix XenApp.
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    InstallShield - System Requirements

    System Requirements:

    • Processor: Pentium III-class PC processor (500 MHz or higher recommended)
    • RAM: 256 MB (512 MB preferred)
    • Hard Disk Space: 500 MB available
    • Display: XGA resolution display at 1024 768 or higher recommended
    • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008, 7, Server 2008 R2, 8 or Sever 2012 operating system.