iSpring Learn LMS

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The perfect LMS (Learning Management System) for employee training.

iSpring Learn

With an appropriate learning management system, employees can access training materials from any device: Laptops, tablets and smartphones. Thanks to iSprings app for iOS and Android, the team can even learn offline.
This means that with this LMS, employees complete courses, take tests, and internalize learning content whenever it is convenient for them: at home or on the road, in a café or at work.Devices

Even more data for the quality of e-learning.
Thanks to iSpring's detailed statistics, it's easy to track who's active and who's not. The results of different teams can be overviewed, learning progress and completion rates can be monitored or the individual performance of each employee can be kept in mind.
By using LMS analytics and employee comments, courses and online training strategies can be improved.

Daten zur Verbesserung nutzen

Effortless planning
iSpring's LMS helps companies manage activities in their training calendars: online courses, live training sessions, workshops and webinars can be effortlessly scheduled. Everything is in one place - no more Excel spreadsheets to keep track of or manually sending invitations to the team.
For example, send webinar invitations only to employees who have successfully completed a course or schedule a workshop only for those members of your team who have attended all webinars.

Effortless Planning


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