iSpring QuizMaker

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Create online quizzes and tests from ready-made question templates, customize design and testing rules, and track employees’ results online.

iSpring QuizMaker

Make effective quizzes and tests to train, engage, and assess employees 24/7

Quickly identify skill gaps
Build quizzes and tests based on real work scenarios to identify employees' skill gaps. Use easy-to-read employee reports to analyze assessment results and generate actionable insights.

Create opportunities for practice
Mix chunks of theory with interactive questions to reduce cognitive load. Help employees gradually practice new skills through drag-and-drop, hotspot, and many other question types.

Drive knowledge retention
Wrap up every training session with a quiz to help employees deepen and reinforce knowledge gained from the training. To drive retention even more, offer a quick pretest before each course.

Make quizzes and tests cheat proof
Customize testing rules to discourage cheating and guessing. Randomize questions and answers, set scoring rules and time restrictions, and apply negative scoring.

Assess all employees at one go
Make sure everybody in the company has the same comprehensive knowledge of a product. Put together a quick test, assign it via the corporate LMS, and immediately spot underperformers.

Deliver mobile-ready quizzes
Once uploaded online, assessments can be completed from any device: computers, tablets, or smartphones. Employees can take quizzes and tests during breaks or on their way to or from work.


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