Kerio Control

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Protect your network from viruses, activity and malware with Kerio Control, the easy-to-manage, powerful all-in-one security solution.

"99% of firewall breaches are due to firewall configuration errors" Gartner - 2020 Strategic Planning Assumptions
Kerio Control brings together multiple capabilities, including a network firewall and router, intrusion prevention system (IPS), antivirus gateway, virtual private network (VPN) and content filtering. These broad capabilities and unparalleled flexible deployment make Kerio Control the perfect solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

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The GFI/Kerio range is available on QBS Software.

  • State-of-the-art network firewall, router and IPS
    Preserve the integrity of your servers with deep packet inspection and advanced network routing capabilities, including simultaneous support for IPv4 and IPv6 traffic. Create policies on inbound and outbound traffic by restricting communications based on URL, traffic type, content category and time of day. Kerio Control IPS adds a transparent layer to network protection with Snort-like behavioral analysis and a regularly updated database of rules and blacklisted IP addresses from Emerging Threats.
  • Advanced Antivirus Gateway
    Prevent viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware from infesting your network with Kerio's integrated antivirus service, which automatically scans all web and FTP traffic, email attachments and downloads for the latest virus definitions.
  • Sophisticated Content and Web Filtering
    Block, allow or register access to 141 categories of web content with Kerio Control's Web Filter. Keep your bandwidth available by denying streams such as streaming video or blocking P2P networks. Prevent your users from visiting malicious sites, known to contain viruses and spyware or to engage in phishing or identity theft. Kerio Control's optional Web Filter limits legal liability, protects your network and increases user productivity by limiting access to dangerous, inappropriate or time-wasting sites.