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Test your website on any device or browser

Test your websites interactively on the widest possible range of browsers and devices to ensure that your code runs smoothly everywhere.

Everything on Live is ready to use and there is no need for installation or maintenance. Constantly catch bugs early in the development process, ship code that works on every browser version, and deliver incredible experiences to every customer. Learn more about Live at:

Test early and often on your environment

Defect repair costs and recovery requirements increase exponentially in the later stages of the SDLC. Start testing from the beginning. Live local testing allows you to instantly test development and transfer environments on the BrowserStack cloud without any installation or configuration, including servers behind firewalls, proxies and internal configurations.

Instantly debug and fix

Quickly find, reproduce and fix problems in your applications and websites. Get resolutions faster than ever. Browsers and devices are equipped with comprehensive pre-installed development tools, helping you identify the root cause of each client-side issue faster than ever. Use our native integrations to capture, annotate and file bugs across teams on Jira and Trello without switching tools.