MindManager Enterprise – 5 or more users

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The success of a business depends on the effectiveness of its teams

MindManager Enterprise provides your organisation with a comprehensive solution that enables your team members to work more effectively individually and collectively, maximise the tools at their disposal and achieve their goals.

Enterprise license available for 5 or more seats.

Maintenance (MSA) of 1 year or 3 years is mandatory.

Benefits of MindManager 22
  • Built-in templates
  • Import, export and synchronise
  • Priority markers
  • Dynamic views
  • Cross-platform co-editing
  • MindManager Snap
  • Gantt charts
  • Connections via SharePoint
  • Seamless collaboration
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams

Contact us for 1 year subscriptions.

  • Dedicated team benefits for teams of five or more people.
    MindManager understands and supports all aspects of your business. The Enterprise version can be implemented quickly and easily for teams of five to 5,000 people or more, and scales to your needs with :
  1. Simplified network deployment and support for all major authentication methods
  2. Multiple licensing programs, per seat pricing, dedicated technical support and more with Mindjet Software Assurance and Support (MSA)
  3. MindManager 2022 for Windows, MindManager 14 for Mac, MindManager Reader (Windows and Mac) and MindManager Server App for SharePoint
  • Share anywhere.
    With an enhanced HTML5 export system, you can easily share your maps and create alignment with everyone in your team, organization and beyond.


  • Work better and faster as a team.
    Replace unproductive meetings and unreliable message threads with a comprehensive visual map that instantly clarifies goals, expectations, requirements, tasks, priorities and more.
  1. Go from dynamic brainstorming to executable strategy in a single session
  2. Share meeting notes, processes and plans across the organisation to promote understanding, alignment and buy-in
  3. Keep your projects aligned with overall business goals


  • Easily plan projects and manage them masterfully.
  1. Avoid the pitfalls that cause projects to fail - poor communication, lack of alignment, missed deadlines - with advanced project management tools that help you effectively coordinate your entire team from the start
  2. Define scope, requirements, expectations and track progress with unified and transparent communication
  3. View projects by resources, tasks, timeline, or in the Gantt Pro view for 360° visibility into progress and risk
  4. Easily balance project goals with all the details you need to consider

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