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Remote support has never been closer.
Securely connect to any PC, Mac or mobile device on any network from anywhere at any time.

Rescue Remote Support

Remote Control
Take control of your end-user's device and perform tasks as if you were using their device directly. For frequently performed tasks, let scripts do the work to save time.

Remote diagnostics
Get a quick summary of processes, services and applications to quickly identify the problem without tediously digging into the end user's device.

Unattended Access
Deploy unattended access en masse so technicians can log in to a remote device without a user present to troubleshoot issues during user downtime and check in later if necessary.

Rescue Live Lens Remote Camera Sharing
Give support teams everything they need to see the world through the eyes of your remote customers and employees, without time-consuming downloads. When customers and remote employees need help at home, they don't want to deal with frustratingly long phone calls or downloading a mobile app, especially for one-off fixes. Live Lens removes these barriers to make it easier for customers and remote employees to use and easier for your support teams to guide fixes.

Camera sharing on a smartphone
Agents can remotely view an iPhone, Android or Windows camera to view and resolve issues via a live video feed.

No downloads
Rescue Live Lens is entirely browser-based. Customers and remote employees simply click to join a live video session without having to download a mobile app to their device.AnnotationsSupport agents draw or place various annotations on the paused video stream to help explain the solution.VoIP AudioIntegrated audio facilitates communication while seamlessly resolving the issue.

Rescue Live Guide - co-browsing technology
Only Rescue Live Guide has the unique combination of features to help you create an effortless and trusted customer experience (CX). Rescue Live Guide removes the barriers that often come with co-browsing technology. You are no longer limited to co-browsing on your own website, and all customer-facing teams can use it throughout the customer journey.


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