ReSharper C++

Visual Studio Extension for C++ Developers


Stay at the cutting edge of C++ development


Improve the quality of your code

ReSharper C++ highlights code problems and offers quick fixes. Inaccessible code? Redundant declarations? Suspicious object splitting? Incorrect format specifier? ReSharper C++ will draw your attention to these and other potential errors, and help you correct them.


Améliorez la qualité de votre code


Find your way around the code

ReSharper C++ makes it easy to navigate through your project. Access any file, type or type member, and find their occurrences. In just a few clicks, you can jump from a code symbol to its declaration, definition, base or derived symbols.


Repérez-vous dans le code


Enjoy reliable refactoring

Code refactorings help you to modify your code base safely, a particularly important feature in a language as complex as C++. Context-sensitive actions let you switch between several syntax constructs and act as shortcuts to code generation actions.


Choose the style of your code

Set the editor to follow your team's preferred code style. You can save your formatting and naming preferences in a settings file and share it with others.


Go even further

Do you need C# and C++ for your project? ReSharper and ReSharper C++ are now included in the same licence, and with intelligent support for C++/CLI, using both IDEs is no longer a problem!


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