Software Vulnerability Manager (SVM)

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Shut down cybercriminals, assess your software via a database of over 20,000 applications and identify vulnerabilities via full automation.

Track vulnerable software on Windows, Mac OSx and Linux systems. Prioritize the most critical security patches. Integrate with WSUS and SCCM to apply patches to non-Microsoft applications. With SVM, you can optimize your work without leaving room for incidents. Flexera security software is sold online here.

  • Assessment: Discover and track thousands of applications on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. Flexera offers several options - agent and agentless - to determine existing applications and their patch status. Our proprietary scanning technology is lightweight and non-intrusive. Applications are quickly identified based on their associated .EXE, .DLL and .OCX files, regardless of their installation path.
  • Secunia Advisories: Understand the criticality of the vulnerability by leveraging the ratings provided by Secunia Research. Secunia advisories contain detailed information about the vulnerability, attack vector, impact, etc. They provide easy-to-understand details to assess risk, prioritise patches and automate the execution of appropriate actions.
  • Smart Groups: Slice, dice, group and organise your assets to segment your devices with easy-to-use smart groups. In addition to criticality assessments, you can more effectively prioritize remediation actions based on what is important to you and the uniqueness of your organization. Report and send alerts based on logical groups that aid in decision making and track the progress of your efforts.
  • Non-Microsoft Patch for Windows: Complete your patch management solution by adding the ability to identify vulnerable non-Microsoft applications. SVM even offers pre-packaged and tested patches for the most common Windows desktop applications. Our specialists disable prompts for EULA acceptance, shortcut creation and package delivery in the integrated software packaging system.
  • Software Packaging System: Easily implement applicability rules; configure updates, uninstall and customise packages using easy-to-use templates. This packaging system makes it quick and easy to configure patches for deployment.

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