Splashtop On-Prem

Self-hosted remote access and support to meet your security and compliance requirements


When The Cloud's Not an Option

Splashtop On-Prem is the best value on-premise solution for secure remote access, remote control, and remote support to any device. This all-in-one solution offers both unattended anytime access and attended on-demand connections, making it the perfect solution for all your remote access needs. Enable employees to access to work computers from anywhere and IT and help desks to efficiently support computers and devices.

  • User Access Management and Computer Grouping
    Invite users with a specified team role. Organize your users and/or endpoints into groups for more effective management. User/computer access permissions can be specified at an individual level or through group settings.
  • Scheduled Access Module
    Manage schedules and policies for when users and groups of users can access certain endpoints.
  • File Transfer
    Easily transfer files between computers. You can transfer files without starting a remote session, and you can drag-and-drop or work in the file transfer window move files between your local and remote computers during a session.
  • Chat
    Chat with the user at the remote computer while in a session or outside a session.
  • Elevate to Admin
    When accessing a Windows standard user session, you can elevate the session privilege to admin to interact with UAC, perform admin level operations, and support reboot and reconnect.
  • USB Device and Stylus Redirection
    Redirect a USB device (smart card, security key, stylus, gaming controller, printer, HID device) from your local computer to the remote computer. The redirected device works just like it's plugged in to the remote computer.
  • Session Recording
    Record remote access sessions for demos, training, or auditing. Use the Screen Recording button in your session control bar to start and stop recording. Recordings are saved to your local computer.
  • Splashtop Connector
    Bridge RDP connections to Windows computers and servers through Splashtop's secure infrastructure and privilege management without using VPN or installing any remote access agent.
  • IP Whitelisting
    Whitelist IP addresses to create a perimeter from which remote access is allowed.
  • Syslog Integration
    Export log data to a syslog server for a Security Information and Events Management (SIEM) system to retrieve and analyze.
  • Active Directory Integration
    Splashtop On-Prem integrates with your organization's existing Active Directory service to boost efficiency, productivity, and security.
  • Remote Reboot and Wake-on-LAN
    Remotely reboot or wake up your computer. You can reboot the remote computer from the Splashtop app or web console. In order to remotely wake your computer, the target computer must support Wake-on-LAN and be connected via LAN cable (and another computer on the same network must be powered on to bridge the WoL packet).
  • Voice Call
    Make your support sessions more efficient with in-session voice call. This offers users an additional way to communicate during remote support sessions. Similar to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), users on both ends of the remote session can communicate by talking to each other.