Qodana Is Out Of Preview With First-Class JetBrains IDE Integration

Aug 1, 2023 | Blog, News

JetBrains has always strived to deliver tools that make developers’ work enjoyable, creative, and thought-provoking. JetBrains IDEs are designed to understand code and provide valuable suggestions for improving it. Having these tips available in the editor is incredibly helpful. But modern CI-centric workflows require a reliable quality gate in your build pipeline. With that in mind, they created Qodana.

Qodana is the only code quality platform on the market that uses inspections native to JetBrains IDEs and expands the smartness of your JetBrains IDE to the CI server. The platform can be integrated into any CI/CD pipeline and can analyze code written in 60+ languages, including Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, Kotlin, Python, Go, and C#.

Today, Qodana announces a huge milestone: It’s no longer in preview and is available commercially with some major improvements. Get in now to enjoy a 50% discount on your first year.



What’s new in Qodana 2023.2

Many of you have been wondering where the name “Qodana” came from. “Qodana” stands for “code analyzer”.

Here is what’s new in Qodana 2023.2:

  • #1 Server-side analysis by Qodana is now fully integrated with JetBrains IDEs 2023.2
  • #2 Code coverage support
  • #3 Vulnerability checker based on the Checkmarx data
  • #4 Quick-fixes (experimental)



Qodana features beyond the 2023.2 release

In case you haven’t tried Qodana yet, here’s a brief overview of features that are currently available in the product – beyond the newly released ones.

  • 2500+ code inspections – exclusive Qodana inspections included
  • Interactive inspection reports and dashboards
  • Cloud-based overview of reports
  • The baseline for getting your technical debt under control
  • Third-party license audit
  • Inspection constructor



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