ShareGate’s “new” brand identity

Feb 15, 2022 | Blog

The current ShareGate rebrand is the next step to the brand evolution take place since the launch of ShareGate Apricot and the birth of “Productivity Suite”.

Instead of ShareGate Desktop and ShareGate Apricot, there is now only ShareGate. Because SharePoint migration, Teams management and administration simply belong together and to build the best Microsoft 365 management solution, ShareGate’s two products need to talk more to each other. You can’t manage Teams without managing SharePoint and you can’t manage external sharing without managing Microsoft 365 groups.

What changes at ShareGate?

  • Simplified terminology: the words “Desktop” & “Apricot” disappear
  • ShareGate migration tool (previously ShareGate Desktop) and Teams management module (previously ShareGate Apricot) will work the same
  • New sales collaterals
  • Innovative additional features
What does it mean for Resellers?

  • Operations & processes will remain the same
  • Products and SKU structure remains the same
  • Just the SKU description changes

What does it mean for the Clients?

  • New look & feel
  • Optimized user experience
  • A user account (login/password on ShareGate’s website) is required for all users
  • More value for the same great price

On February 22nd at 5pm (CET), Microsoft MVP Benjamin Niaulin in conversation with ShareGate’s Customer Success manager Charles Savaria will inform you about the rebrand and all upcoming features. Register now to the free webinar and experience the new ShareGate in action. 


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