Six powerful reasons to choose GFI AppManager

Nov 15, 2023 | Blog

Effective management of IT infrastructure is crucial to the smooth running of business operations. GFI AppManager is an advanced, all-in-one solution designed to simplify, secure, and streamline your operations.

This feature-rich platform offers a powerful suite of tools ranging from real-time monitoring to extensive reporting, all accessible from a single, intuitive interface. Learn more about GFI AppManager and take the first step towards effortless IT management.


Key Features


1. Real-time monitoring

GFI AppManager excels at real-time monitoring of server, application and network performance. This feature enables early detection of potential problems, allowing immediate corrective action to be taken. This proactive approach ensures increased system availability.

2. Task Automation

Simplify your operations by automating recurring tasks. GFI AppManager supports script execution, service restarts, patch management and software updates. This automation not only saves time, but also reduces the risk of human error.

3. Proactive Incident Management

Reduce downtime with proactive incident management. GFI AppManager sends instant alerts in the event of a fault, ensuring optimum responsiveness. This proactive approach allows IT teams to take action before users even notice problems.

4. Detailed Reporting and Analysis

GFI AppManager offers detailed reporting and in-depth analysis. Get comprehensive information on system performance, resource usage and much more. These reports provide the visibility you need to make informed decisions about optimising your IT infrastructure.


Six powerful reasons to choose GFI AppManager


Extensible Cloud Service 

Explore new heights in IT management with a service that evolves with your needs, creating an open environment for growth and continuous improvement.



Central Management

Stop juggling multiple interfaces: seamlessly manage all your products and customer accounts from a single, unified dashboard.



Real-time Monitoring

Dive deep into valuable insights with GFI AppManager’s detailed graphs, designed to help you spot anomalies or investigate usage patterns. Easily track active devices and analyze peak usage to manage costs effectively.



Customizable alerts

Customize alerts to your exact needs – product, metrics, statistics, value, accounts, or instances – and keep up to date with direct email notifications.



RADAR™: Risk and Anomaly Detection, Alerts, and Response

Powered by machine learning, RADAR™ provides actionable insights and automated remediation strategies, offering a comprehensive solution to detect anomalies, surface crucial issues promptly, and execute actions across your IT ecosystem.



Coming Soon: GFI AppManager Open SDK

Embrace the future with GFI AppManager’s open platform. With the aid of an SDK, partners, and users will be able to integrate any product into GFI AppManager, ensuring it serves as a single-pane-of-glass not only for GFI but also for third-party products, even those from competing vendors.



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