The 6 new JetBrains Academy projects

Nov 10, 2022 | Blog

The JetBrains team has prepared 6 new projects and more than 30 new educational topics to start the autumn on the right track.

Without further ado, find below the details of these projects.


🆕 Project: Digit Recognition (Beta)

Neural networks might seem like a kind of magic, but this project will dispel the illusion. Upon completing it, you’ll have built a neural network of your own. It will be able to recognize numeric data, digitize checks, and even figure out some captchas.

🆕 Project: Crossword Scrabble (Beta). Challenging.

In this project, create a board game where players pick seven letters and guess several words to solve a crossword puzzle. You’ll use Regex to work with collections, loops, and string manipulations, and you’ll learn how to read from a file and convert the data into objects.


🆕 Project: Git InternalsHard.

Widely used in industry and education, Git is probably the most popular and convenient source control system. In this project, you will learn how Git works and gain experience using Kotlin for binary file parsing. You only need to know a few Git CLI commands for this project, or you can use Git with the GUI wrapper.

🆕 Project: Encryption Decryption (Beta). Medium.

Familiarize yourself with Kotlin while building a simple cipher that creates a file and encrypts it, and that can also be used to decrypt a previously encrypted file. In this project, you’ll pay special attention to working with files and the command line.


🆕 Project: Smart Calculator (Beta). Hard.

In this project, you will learn to create a simple calculator while familiarizing yourself with slices, strings, and maps. You will also get experience with two important data structures: the stack and the queue.


🆕 Project: Monty Hall Problem (Beta). Easy.

Learn about the Bayesian approach to probability, which is quite different from the frequency approach many of us are accustomed to. In particular, in this project you will find out what prior probability is, how you move from prior probability to posterior probability by observing events, and about Bayes’ theorem.

Additionally, the Hangman JavaScript project and the Simple Calculator and Simple Converter shell script projects have been released from Beta.

Note that projects marked as Beta are still in the early stages of testing. If you’re interested in checking out Beta projects on the platform, make sure the Beta-tester feature is enabled in your profile settings.

If you have any questions please contact our sales team at [email protected] and they will put you in touch with JetBrains.

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Enjoy learning!



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